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Gratification Theory

Gratification Theory - uses gratifications social media model

Uses and gratifications theory attempts to explain the uses and functions of the media for individuals, groups and society in general.

The theoretical foundation of this theory lies in the social origin of a need. I use the media with an active approach and it is very difficult to spend time watching television, so usually I search news online through YouTube, twitter or blogs or typing the topic on google and look for the various results.

I do sometimes read important international newspapers on my iPad but then I always try to verify the news from other sources.

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Theory of Mass Communications (Adorno)

Mass Communication

Adorno and Horkheimer were some of the first scholars to critically engage with the proliferation of new forms of mass communications of the early 20th century.

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Kickstarter is the way to go?

What is Crowdfunding

I know many crowdfunding platforms, and everyday a new one is born. However, Kickstarter is the one with more users by far, and it is the most successful platform— not only for number of users, but also for projects funded.

I will be frank. I don’t like their model. I understand why they are are successful, and I will explain in this post: why I prefer other platforms instead and why I personally find little value in using it from an investor point-of-view.

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Scan Me Reputation Management

Reputation Management - thumbs up with speech bubbles

This week all our studies were concentrated on online reputation and its effect on every aspect of a career and business, but also its effect on personal lives.

I have not been very active on the Web. I am an investor, and I usually find deals around the world buying shares in companies and installing new management that can produce profits.

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Zillow’s App: a Real Estate App

Zillow Trulia Logo

Being in the Real Estate Industry, I downloaded Zillow’s app.

Zillow is the biggest real estate portal in America. Through the Zillow app, there many options to find useful real estate information from decorating your home to renting an apartment or finding professional help.

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Second Life – A Digital Community

Second Life

I began my life in Second Life. At the start I have to admit I was discouraged and bored. But then I slowly built interest due to the interaction with people made me feel a like an Anthropologist trying to get the essence of that community, learn their language and their behavior. Yes, it was my first ever research into a digital community.

I began with a normal avatar. I was trying to stick with an integrated self, but then I went for somebody that was similar but not too similar. The simplicity was due in part to a lack of interest in spending hours to adjust my avatar.

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Survey – Acai Berry

Acai Berries

I spent a lot of time thinking the topic of this survey. I guess the topic could have been anything, but I want to make sure that my exercise makes sense to the reader. I did use Qualtrics and I think is amazing.

I am an entrepreneur and I have several companies in different fields. I have intentions to invest in a health-food store chain, specializing in serving natural acai berry bowls.

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