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Real estate in Miami is about to go down again…

Antonio Velardo
October 22, 2016
Time for real estate to go down again... Almost a year ago, I was writing about the Real Estate in Miami, and I was already aware that the time for good deals was gone. There were no longer any spaces available at a bargain price. As I had forecasted: things are now quite bad, markets are slow, realtors that were making millions a few years ago are now looking for different jobs, and cranes are still standing high but some new buildings are starting to look deserted.

Domino’s, Social Media, & Leveraging Twitter

Antonio Velardo
October 22, 2015
I want to write today about Domino’s Pizza, an international franchise restaurant and pizza restaurant with delivery. Their website is https://www.dominos.com/en/ The company was founded by Tom Monaghan in 1960 and now has an annual volume of $1.8 billion USD and 220,000 employees worldwide. Previously the company specialized in pizza. Indeed its name was Domino’s Pizza, but then it started to also sell pasta, sandwiches and bread and it changed its name in 2012 to just Domino’s.

Price Discrimination

Antonio Velardo
September 20, 2015
Price discrimination may sound strange to people, but it’s a strategy used by companies to take advantage of the willingness to pay by different groups of people. Large companies and great marketing strategists use it. Smaller companies do not really use it, so I would like to dig in a bit more and give an overview on the benefit of price discrimination.

Business Angel

Antonio Velardo
February 4, 2015
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Gratification Theory

Antonio Velardo
December 3, 2014
Uses and gratifications theory attempts to explain the uses and functions of the media for individuals, groups and society in general. The theoretical foundation of this theory lies in the social origin of a need. I use the media with an active approach and it is very difficult to spend time watching television, so usually I search news online through YouTube, twitter or blogs or typing the topic on google and look for the various results. I do sometimes read important international newspapers on my iPad but then I always try to verify the news from other sources.

Kickstarter is the way to go?

Antonio Velardo
October 22, 2014
I know many crowdfunding platforms, and everyday a new one is born. However, Kickstarter is the one with more users by far, and it is the most successful platform— not only for number of users, but also for projects funded. I will be frank. I don’t like their model. I understand why they are are successful, and I will explain in this post: why I prefer other platforms instead and why I personally find little value in using it from an investor point-of-view.
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