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This week all our studies were concentrated on online reputation and its effect on every aspect of a career and business, but also its effect on personal lives.

I have not been very active on the Web. I am an investor, and I usually find deals around the world buying shares in companies and installing new management that can produce profits.

For me, the Web is not all that beneficial. People want to make me a permanent resident of one country or another so they can claim I owe taxes to them. I do not need to build a specific reputation to attract business or to try to be presentable for a job application.

I, therefore, do not have an active presence on the Web. There is very little published about me, and I am pleased.

I am present on social media a lot; I usually post some motivational sentences and some information that is helpful as business advice. I use social media to remain in touch with different people or groups, and I usually join business discussions in which my input is highly appreciated.

My companies are on social media, and I do make sure that all are present on the web and have a friendly interface. Since I started this course, I am continually reminding all of my CEO’s of the importance of the internet, the importance of presence and interaction with the users. It’s new territory for many of them, and everybody confirms the importance of leveraging such tools. However, few really have the tools and the capacity to implement a serious, effective strategy. This course will give all of us the opportunity to develop a significant advantage in this new age business world.

What I also noticed is that there are many people with my name around the world, from America to South America to Europe.

Usually to search for a person who is not a very famous we need to add either the name of the business or the city.

For example, in my case, I can add Miami next to my name in the search, and many more mentions come up.

Most of the results are for my blog and all my sentences on social media, from Facebook, Slide Share, Twitter, etc.

So as we learned, social media can play a significant role in driving traffic and building a reputation. Social media can be an efficient way to build a reputation and engage with clients and business networks.

People will know who you are, what you do and look into your values and interests. This will help to create an idea about a person. Right or wrong, the first impression counts.

I have a new blog on which I am working, and I post few Real estate notes. The blog is new and has not indeed been launched yet because I want to make more professional graphics.

The blog will be an excellent tool for reputation, and I can apply all the theories learned in this course from SEO optimization and tags words to Google analytics to evaluate traffic.

Honestly, my blog will be only to inspire other people to invest wisely and find the financial freedom I found at very young age. I will also add something about charity. I don’t intend to raise funds, but I want to donate money to real people that have a need and leverage social media to spread the news. This may create a trend among friends to help the poorest. This helps reputation but also creates something good for society.

Google Alert will help to keep track of the progress and alert me on my name and how it is mentioned.

I found the notes I took during the Lecture particularly helpful, and I went on socialmention.com and wrote my name.

From it, I could evaluate the ratio of the positive comments, which was quite high 17 to 1, and also the positives of my name on the search engines which was measured with 95%.

The influence on the Web was apparently meager, so from those key performance indicators, I can see what was already known to me: my reputation is exceptional, but I am not really known on the web.

I will be more present on the Web as I learn how to leverage all the tools at which we are learning.

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