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Kickstarter is the way to go?

What is Crowdfunding

I know many crowdfunding platforms, and everyday a new one is born. However, Kickstarter is the one with more users by far, and it is the most successful platform— not only for number of users, but also for projects funded.

I will be frank. I don’t like their model. I understand why they are are successful, and I will explain in this post: why I prefer other platforms instead and why I personally find little value in using it from an investor point-of-view.

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Real Estate Investing: 101

Real Estate 101

I find it quite amusing that the Real Estate Market is one of the only areas of investment that you can find information on how to become rich quick, or on how to buy a course that will teach you all of the tricks and “unrevealed secrets” that will make such a different in people’s lives.

I have been in the industry for 15 years and I have been tremendously successful, making millions of dollars, and I guess most of it was a combination of luck and knowledge. I fully agree that the leverage you can get from specific knowledge will give you an edge over the others, but I think most of the courses in Real Estate are focusing on the wrong subjects and they try to make the job sound much easier than it really is, which will bring a lot of discouragement, money lost and time wasted.

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