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My Bio: Antonio Velardo

I am fortunate and have realized tremendous success as a real estate tycoon, business angel, venture capitalist, intellectual, and philanthropist.  I’ve attained fortune and what others only dreams about.  Also, while some multi-millionaires are born into luxury,  that is not my story. I worked very hard to achieve and earn such prosperity. Realizing such achievements in the real estate market has been possible only after facing a considerable challenge and conquering obstacles along the way.

The beginning of my story is not glamorous or lavish. I hail from a modest background.  I was born in Naples, Italy in 1977.  After completing high school I shared a common interest in travel with my friends.  However, rather than venturing into the world as a tourist, I possessed a passion for learning to learn to fly.  So, when just 19 years of age, I took a leap of faith and moved to Florida, USA to secure my FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) license with the goal of becoming a commercial pilot.  I completed my courses at the Phoenix Aviation School in Daytona Beach and received my FAA multi-engine instrumental commercial pilot license.  Afterward, I moved back to Europe to convert my new license to JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) at Capua Aeroschool. This also enabled me to be closer to home and my family.

Quite suddenly, I realized that a pilot’s salary was not sufficient to satisfy my lifestyle, ambitions, and love for the finer things in life. After taking the time to assess life plans, I concluded that despite an enduring love of flying, as a career, it limited my options and prohibited me from truly “spreading my wings to fly.”

A quest ensued.  For the next two years, I traveled the world, lived in many different countries and experienced numerous cultures while searching for answers.

A few years after receiving my pilot’s license, I emerged a more mature individual ready to go back to school and go for the gold. I enrolled in Loughborough University ranked as one of the top universities in the United Kingdom. I graduated with top honors and a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

With a degree in hand, I found work in Spain and Cape Verde in real estate sales. I quickly rose to the top-of-the-ranks within my organization as a leading Sales Advisor.  Soon after, while possessed with self-confidence, I decided to launch my own real estate investment firm. In a short time, I became a very prosperous real estate investor and developer in Italy and North Africa. My new-found success provided opportunities to expand with additional offices and expansion throughout Europe.  Consequently, I realized increased presence that in turn created, even more, opportunity.

In 2009, using accumulated capital through previous real estate deals, I founded a capital venture firm in Tunis with a special interest in the US real estate market.  My company bought distressed assets from banks and turned them into positive cash flow investments.

Fast forward to 2016:  I am more successful than ever before, with flourishing developments and housing spanning the globe from Italy, Spain, and Tunisia to the USA. The focus is now on expanding operations into the Caribbean and South America.

Learning never ends.  I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree at the University of Florida due to my passion for social media communication and digital marketing.

This blog is my voice — started to provide advice to any newcomers interested in securing their own futures by getting into the real estate market and “flipping” their first house. If you have any questions, feel free to click the Contact button for a prompt response!

Further, stay tuned to this blog (and subscribe to receive notice about new posts) where ultimately many “secrets” will be revealed:  how top real estate gurus are acquiring amazing deals!

See you on the inside!

Ciao!  Antonio

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